Patient Testimonials

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This guy saved my teeth! I had problems with my gums and they are way better now. His dental assistants are friendly too. Oh, and his equipment is pretty modern such as ultra vibrating deep cleaning...not the old scrapers (although I would think most dentists stopped using the old scrapers by now).

Jason K.

Paul P. Chon, DDS in Santa Ana is UBER. Not only is he the BEST dentist I've ever had, but his staff is AMAZING. Everyone there is friendly and cool! I totally trust my teeth with Paul, and I won't go to anyone else. He knows exactly what to do, and he does just that. He's not after your money like many scumbags out there. Thanks for keeping my teeth healthy and beautiful, Paul! I'll see you soon.

Helen H.

I never thought in a million years I would be writing a 5-star review for any dentist, but alas here I am. I had such a (literally) painful experience at my old dentist (out of state) that I would have extreme anxiety at the thought of even going to the dentist.

Jennifer T.

Dr. Chon and his staff are fabulous. Dr. Chon is extremely meticulous with the teeth cleaning and always checks in to make sure I'm feeling comfortable. My teeth have never felt cleaner after leaving his office, and he's even corrected previous dentist's work. Plus, he's a USC Trojan alum, making it even better. He's also an extremely warm and trustworthy human being. A great place to go.

Elliot K.

I have had numerous dentists during my life having grown up in a military family and moving every 3 years. Dr. Chon and his friendly staff are absolutely the BEST!!! Very kind and curtious and by far the most responsive office around. If you look at my profile and see how far away I live from his office, you will see that I don't kid. Try them out and you won't regret it.

Russel O.

Dr. Chon took over my previous dentist's practice. I was hesitant when first visiting the office as I am a "chicken". Dr Chon and his staff immediately made me feel at ease. Dr Chon and his staff obviously care deeply for his clients. "I completely trust you". I am amazed by your talent, training, and compassion for your patients. Because of these qualities, I have referred many of my good friends to him. I am confident and trust in his honesty. You're the best.

E. Sine

I came to Dr. Chon with some serious issues, so I knew that my treatment wouldn't be 100% smooth, but he and his office have done everything I've asked of them in terms of addressing my questions and provided thoughtful responses to my concerns. I appreciate that.

Jayce W.

Dr. Chon worked his magic and got all the work that I needed done. Been a dedicated patient ever since. I've recommended friends and strangers here and I'm going to keep on doing that. Dr. Chon and his staff are extremely friendly and very caring. You don't feel like you're walking into a maze, guided by a mute assistant to meet the man on a white robe. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about! That doesn't exist here. Best dentist and staff ever!

Chris C.

Quite simply, Dr. Chon is the BEST! He keeps my teeth healthy and beautiful. I've been a patient for over 10 years and I actually look forward to my office visits. He stays up with the latest dental technology, is caring and fun, and is extremely competent.

Anita Miller

It's not easy to find a dental office with a high level of professional expertise and a healthy dose of patient concern, caring and individual attention. Dr. Chon, and every member of his staff, delivers on excellent service and patient commitment. My mouth and I love them!

Pat K.

Our family has been going to Dr. Chon for over ten years. I have found Dr. Chon to be a very good person and a very competent dentist. He is caring and listens to his patients. We have had quite a bit of dental work performed over the years and Dr. Chon has always done a wonderful job. Our family would recommend him to others who want a caring, very qualified dentist to go to. Dr. Chon's staff are also knowlegeable, cheerful, helpful, and good people.

R. Sudbeck

It is my very good fortune to have been referred to Dr. Chon when my dentist retired. I am impressed by his thoroughness and gentleness and how everything is explained. His techniques and equipment are cutting-edge. His staff is wonderful, friendly, and put me right at ease. I Highly Recommend Dr Chon!


I went back for a routine cleaning yesterday. Everybody was really great, as usual. After leaving the office I realized that I hadn't thought about the work Dr. Chon and the staff had done on my crowns earlier in the year, because I haven't needed to. Not even once have the crowns they worked on bothered me, made me concerned or left me nagging doubts. Peace of mind is good.


Thank you for the excellent care you have given me during many years I have been your patient. I appreciate the fact that you make it a point to keep up to date in the latest advances in dentistry. Despite the fact that you have done several procedures on me, I have come to regard you as my friend! You always explain what care I'll need, and what the costs will be. ( I hate surprises) When I was convinced that I need not expect to lose any teeth, the Invisalign Aligner seemed like the best way to realign my smile-at the age of 73 years! Now that the process is completed and my teeth have been whitened, I feel much more confident when I am out with friends. It is kind of you to call me at home after one of my many procedures to make sure I am doing well and answer any questions I might have.

H Baber.

Wow! Wow! Wow! The first words I spoke when Dr. Chon handed me the mirror to look at my new da vinci veneers! My old veneers were of old technology and made my teeth look yellow, thick, and boxie...Not at all natural. They didn't have the white variations and slender look that I now enjoy with the da vinci veneers. I have been a patient of Dr. Chon for seven years. I wouldn't even consider seeing another dentist. He is a caring perfectionist professional and so is his equally caring professional staff! My visits are always fun and I get to keep up with everyone's lives... they feel like my family to me. Everytime I smile I Thank everyone!

Kathy G.

This is the best dental office I've been to. About 3 years ago, I had several cavities. He completely cleaned out the cavities, then sealed them properly with composite fillings which you cannot even distinguish from the natural enamel of the teeth, and they're all still intact. Last year, I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled. The procedure lasted less than 30 minutes and it was absolutely painless. His staff is extremely courteous and knowledgeable. If you're looking for a dentist in Orange County, I would highly suggest this dentist.

Ken P.

This is place amazing. Dr.Chon made my Tooth Extraction i needed for my braces be painless free & nothing to worry about. I didnt feel anything at all while i had my tooth pulled out. I would highly recommend going to his dental office as he is friendly and an absolute professional at what he does. His staff are very friendly as well and very welcoming. I would give him a 10/10 stars if i could. I will be back if i ever need anything due with dental. Thank you Dr. chon.

Eduardo G.

A honest dentist finally!!!! When did dentists become used car salesmen??? I had a discolored tooth and I went to three different dentists and they all recommended at least over $1000 worth of cosmetic dental procedures from veneer, to root canal and of course they said you needed a porcelain crown and etc... Seemed ridiculously costly for one tooth. Long story short went to Dr. Chon - who just bleached it from the inside out and was straight up and said you don't need to do any of that and it's been fine now for over several years. Anyways I have such peace of mind that there's a dentist I can trust and I recommend him to all my friends.

Bonny S.

I had a really bad experience with a dentist a long time ago.... But Dr. Chon changed all that! I only have two words of my experience with Dr. Chon...."THE BOMB".

Jonathon Lopez

When I hear of people who say they enjoy going to the dentist, I could never relate or even understand why they ever felt that way. Going to the dentist was a dreaded routine for me. But when I became a patient of Dr. Chon's, I began to feel differently. Dr. Chon has a way of making his patients feel completely at ease. He's also very patient in answering any questions or concerns that I have. I never feel rushed, and I feel completely confident that he is doing a thorough job. He always has my best interest at heart when giving me dental advice. Even at times when I've experienced pain, he made every effort to accommodate me into his schedule. Dr. Chon really cares about his patients, which I feel is rare in a dentist these days.

Susan K.

This week I went to Dr.Chon since I haven't been to the dentist for a couple of months and needed a regular cleaning and out of all the dentist I've been to in,this has been the best dentist. All the staff were helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody who wants a better dentist.

Shisla Q.

I would highly recommend this dentist, especially for those who are fearful of dentists, because there is honestly nothing to be scared of with Dr. Chon! Even his staff is extremely friendly and they ALWAYS call me to confirm my appointment and even to remind me to make another one. I can not stress enough how wonderful this clinic is and how happy I am to have finally found a dentist who puts a smile on my face when I see him! I never thought I would say this about a dentist, but I guess you can call me a regular here now. Thank you so much Dr. Chon, and I'll see you in October

Tiffany K.

Paul Chon is my favorite dentist! Is it possible to rave about visits to the dentist? My answer is, Yes!  I have been to his office for different procedures, including an emergency root canal, cleaning & the Zoom. Dr. Chon is always very thorough & his entire staff, Karen, Sylvia & Betty are super friendly & makes you feel really cared for.  I definitely recommend Dr. Chon to all of my friends, family & fellow yelpers!

Angel P.

Dr. Chon is a dentist I trust with my pearly whites. And you should too. He is personable, explains the process, and stands behind what he does. I don't write reviews, honestly this is my first, but if you are looking for a dentist you can trust, he is your guy.

Alex k.

Everyone in this office is super friendly and helpful. The facility is very clean and I could not be happier. I would definitely recommend to all my friends and family!

Nikki B.

Dr Chon is very knowledgable and trustworthy, only bummer is I wish I would have found him 10 years prior before I was messed up by prior dentists not doing a good job specifically with respect to my prior root canals. If you are looking for an honest, highly educated and trusting dentist Dr Chon is the right fit for you. His staff is so friendly and sweet, and make the trip worth while. I recommend all my friends, family and co workers to Dr Chon, trust me you will not be disappointed!

Misty Z.

Best of the best. I got done with Dr.Chon last two month. Great customer service and very friendly staff with professional service. I will keep using there service for long terms.

Sonny C.