What is Dental Anxiety?

Do you have a deep fear of dentist and needles, or shame about seeing a dentist because you may be judged? We call this dental anxiety. These feelings can stem from several different causes:

  • Bad memories of past experiences
  • Fear of pain in the dental chair
  • Fear or needles or drills
  • Anxiety triggered by the sounds, smells, and bright lights associated with dental visits
  • Shame over neglected dental care
  • The vulnerability of being a patient: e.g., having another person’s hands in your mouth, being unable to speak.
  • Discomfort, jitters, or feeling on-edge in the dental chair

Since tooth decay and gum disease can advance rapidly, a patient who avoids or delays dental treatment is susceptible to serious dental problems. Many patients who suffer from dental anxiety wait until a toothache is severe before going to a dentist, and therefore require more complex and expensive dental treatments.

Signs of Dental Anxiety

  • Feelings of apprehension about an upcoming appointment
  • Feelings of shame over dental problems
  • Stubbornness in rejecting dental intervention
  • Being “too busy” for the dentist
  • Hiding dental pain from your family
  • Avoiding thinking about or talking about your dental health

What Can Dr. Paul do for Your Dental Anxiety?

With Dr. Paul Chon, patient comfort is the number one priority. We understand that we can’t be an effective partner in your oral health unless you are comfortable during a dental appointment. If you can bring yourself or your family member through the door, we guarantee Dr. Paul will listen to your concerns without judgement and will never force treatment.

If you have questions or concerns about how we can help you overcome anxiety and fear, please contact our office.